Secure and Private Communications

PrivateMail makes it easy to communicate safely

Privato PrivateMail easily and efficiently secures how businesses can transmit secure documents using the simplicity of email. PrivateMail messages and attachments are automatically encrypted when sent and decrypted when received with PrivateMail.

PrivateMail content, attachments and both the sender’s and recipient’s email addresses are multi-tier encrypted and completely hidden to the outside world.

PrivateMail allows you to create a secure channel for private email communications. The service includes:

  • Easy-to-use and manage
  • Generate compliance activity reports to track, monitor and demonstrate compliance with sensitive data

Secure and private email

  • Primary computer and email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail)

Sending PrivateMail is easy. Select the account or hit the "Send Securely" button.

PrivateMail lets you know that your email is being protected.

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